Just look at that cover art.... πŸ™Œ

I first read the 4-Hour Work Week years ago. I picked it up at the airport ahead of a 4 hour flight (lol) to Perth Australia.

I know the title can get people off side but it’s bright orange colour and tropical illustration of a hammock bending two palm trees appealed to my holiday mood.

I tucked it under my arm and headed for the boarding gate. Little did I know just how much impact this book was about to have on my life.

The book captured my attention and by the end of the flight I’d read it cover to cover.

I was struck by the practical nature and how actionable the content was.

While some of the stuff about virtual assistants and information products wasn’t for me. Framing up the mindset, identifying what levels of cashflow I required and selling a physical product ticked all of my boxes.

Over that trip I re read the book a second time on the balcony over looking the sunset. I’d never been to the Western coast of Australia and the sight of the sun setting over water was quite the novelty.

It made it all the easier to connect with one of the main take aways from the book; The idea of taking lots of mini holidays and not waiting until retirement.

I’d decided that I needed a β€˜muse’ of my own.

I spent the rest of the trip brain storming ideas and not really coming up with anything useful.

It would be 6 long months before my luck changed, and change it did. But I’ll leave that for a more detailed post πŸ™‚

Major take aways:

  • Time is not something to be wasted
  • β€œNever automate something that can be eliminated, and never delegate something that can be automated or streamlined.”
  • It’s not as hard as you think
  • There are no rules
  • Everything can be figured out