You’ve seen Peter Levels do it… you’ve seen Jon Yongfook do it… and countless other brave souls attempt the 12 projects in 12 month challenge.

Well, it's 2020 - high time I stopped lurking on Indiehackers and stepped up to take on the challenge!

🤔 What type of products?

Good question! I’m a web dev by trade so I’ll be looking to use my dev skills to create profitable digital products. Because of the tight time frame I’m focusing on small products that I can wrap in Electron and sell via Shia Lavingia’s Gumroad as one time purchases.

Supporting other Indiehacker's products while I build my own feels like the right thing to do. It's an amazing community I can't wait to be apart of.

I’m also hoping to build a micro SaaS app at some point. I’m curious about the potential of building a ‘stateless’ SaaS app in an attempt to prove concepts and keep boiler plate code to a minimum.

TL;DR - Mac Apps & Micro SaaS products 😊

⏱ The Plan

I’m planning on breaking my monthly challenges into 2 parts:

⏳ Weeks 1 - 3: Coding like a madman.
⏳ Week 4: Product launch and write up.

🤑 Do I have any financial goals?

Not really, I’m fortunate to have found a fantastic web dev job close to home with a great team working on an interesting product.

I’m not in any rush to ‘replace my wage’ and go jet setting around SE Asia or similar. (It does sound fun though).

But I am curious to see what these products are capable of so lets set some baselines we can aim for:

  1. 🎯 $20,000 combined total from all ’single purchase products’.
  2. 🎯 $1,000 MRR combined total from all SaaS products.
I’m not sure if these goals are low or high…
I’m not sure if these goals are low or high…
I'll have to figure out away of reporting my numbers monthly as the challenge begins to mature and things get interesting.

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Let the games begin!!!