A beautiful remedy to modern day life


There is something about writing with pen and paper that I find very calming. I can put my thoughts down, slowly, taking great care to choose the most accurate word. It's slower than typing, much slower. It gives your mind time to think between words.

It allows you to capture a thought, have your mind drift off and come back again and resume where it left off. The power of this is taken for granted these days.

My generation was the first to grow up with mobile phones. I got my first mobile when I was 16 and heading off to work experience. I got a Nokia 3310, one of the most robust mobile phones to ever exist.

Ever since then, I, like many other's. Have been conditioned with little dopamine hits to continually stop what you're thinking about and check the phone for the latest updates.

At least in the beginning it was a direct message from a friend. You could make the argument that it was a higher value interaction compared to modern notifications. These days the volume of notifications is vast, the messages are to the entire group. Or worse yet, some sort of marketing or advertising.

I would argue that the value of any individual notification has been diluted. But people have been conditioned to stop what they're doing sometimes mid sentence... to check their buzzing phone or smart watch. It's madness.

Anyway, rant aside, it has wreaked havoc on our attention spans.

Writing with pen and paper appears to be a beautiful remedy to modern day life.

Give it a shot today, chances are you'll surprise yourself.

- Darren Inglis

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