What if SaaS isn't for me?



I've been wanting to make a SaaS product ever since I first found out about them. Despite this, I'm yet to have any success with a SaaS product. I've done well with freelancing, eCommerce stores and digital apps. But SaaS has continued to elude me.

Changing gears

What if... I changed my focus from the pipe dream of creating a SaaS product and started looking at building a content driven site instead? It's worked for Peter Levels of Nomadlist, it's worked for Pat Walls of StarterStory and countless others in the online Indiehacker community.

It makes sense in a lot of ways, websites exist on the internet and they live and breathe by how much traffic they attract. Even SaaS platforms need to generate interest in order to survive. So why not cut out a lot of the complexity and focus on getting eyes on page? Then I can figure out a simple sponsorship business model or membership model to support the content and create community.

Lets see if content really is king...

- Darren Inglis

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