Goodbye DayOne - it's been fun.


DayOne has been great

I've been using the DayOne journaling app since 2012 (my first post). It's a great piece of software with lots of features and a clean design. The syncing works well between my mac & my iPhone too.


Well, I've been spending more and more time journaling and writing blog posts in vim lately. I've got vim set up exactly the way I like it with many macros and bash aliases setup to streamline the entire process. Not to mention how much easier it makes editing and navigating documents. So it's getting harder and harder to justify the yearly subscription cost (~$55.00pa) for DayOne when I'm using and enjoying vim so much more - and for free.

The Challenge

I've exported all of my posts out of DayOne a (2.6mb text file) with very little formatting.

So now I have to figure out how I'm going to format it nicely to match the rest of my file I've been writing in lately. The markdown format is much nicer to work with and if I ever decide to make these things public then it's easy enough to post them to my blog.

- Darren Inglis

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